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Where to Buy 3-MMC Research Chemical and its Effects

Where to Buy 3-MMC Research Chemical and its Effects

Where to Buy 3-MMC Research Chemical and its Effects

3- Methylmethcathinone abbreviated as 3- MMC is often called as Mephadrone or Mephedrone. It is known as a popular research chemical of cathinone class which is structurally similar to that of Mephedrone. This is the reason why many of the times, 3-MMC is known and sold as the alternative or replacement of Mephedrone.


If we talk about the chemical structure of 3-MMC, it is a molecular part of substituted cathinone class. Cathinones lie in the category of amphetamines which share the phenyl ring as core amphetamine structure. The phenyl ring is bound to the NH2 (amino) group via ethyl chain whereas, at Rα, there is an additional methyl substitution.

Difference between 3-MMC and other cathinones

The substitution of ketones on beta carbon in amphetamine skeleton is the key difference between 3-MMC and the other cathinones.

  • There are two changes of a methyl group on the cathinone skeleton of 3-MMC. One substitution is on the R3 of phenyl ring whereas the second substitution is located on the RN nitrogen group. Structurally, as already stated, the 3-MMC is considered analogous to mephedrone. Except for the methyl group placement at R3 rather than R4, rest of the structure is similar of both mepehdrone and 3-MMC.
  • The main difference between cathinones and 3-MMC lies in the ketone substitution because they are β- keto- amphetamines.

Effects caused by 3-MMC

Since, there is a chemical structural analogy in cathinone, amphetamine and phenethylamine class; the 3-MMC is such a synthetic compound which shares a proximity in chemical similarity with the Mephedrone or 4- MMC. Now, Mephedrone is widely known for its sympathomimetic effects which are related closely to other chemicals that act as stimulants. The 3-MMC got its abbreviation after a long time. Earlier, it was officially described as 3- methylperone or 4- methylmethacathinone in the literature. 3- MMC has been clearly resurrected for the research work because it has a fascinating chemical core and because of its clear affinity hypothesized for closely studied monoamine transporters like Noradrenaline (NET), Serotonin (SERT) and Dopamine (DAT).

Talking about basic pharmacodynamics knowledge and previous information, we can say that 3-MMC acts as a releasing agent for noradrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. However, we have to test this substance under controlled conditions to make such assumptions because of there us a time frame between global availability and characterization of this drug.

3-MMC acts as the synthetic stimulant for a short time and along with that, produces some other effects like mild hallucinogenic and entactogenic effects. These effects of 3-MMC are in proximity to 4- MMC, but it is slightly less euphoric. Hence, 3- MMC is a better and more popular choice in between these two.

Where to buy

The cathinone class stimulant, 3- MMC is currently banned in some countries like the United Kingdom. Therefore, before buying 3-MMC, you have to first check out your country’s drug regulations and see if 3-MMC is a legal stimulant. The purity of 3-MMC is over 99% and is thus one of the highest quality products available in the market. It is considered as a better alternative to the mephedrone while being used for research purposes. The 3-MMC is available in the crystalline form and is thus not intended for the human consumption.

If your country has not banned this research chemical, then probably all you need to do is Google 3- MMC, and you will find several results. Search for available online sites that sell 3-MMC and consider the top results to compare the prices and quantity. Then, you can order your required 3- MMC number from the online site and get your research chemical shipped to your home. Beware of the fact that the chemical is not intended for human consumption. So, take care of this thing and keep the research chemical at a safe place especially away from the reach of children.

Referring to the reviews

Before buying the chemical from any site, you must check for the reliability of online website or that retailer for which, referring to the reviews of different customers is the best thing to do. So, it will be better if you consult some experienced people and post your query on any blog where the experienced ones can guide you about where you can get the best quality 3-MMC at a reasonable price and required quantity. This will be the best option to choose as it is more reliable and based on experience, you will have an expert advice too. Your research chemical won’t be that useful if it isn’t pure and of good quality. So, make sure that the product and seller are reliable. Only then order it and use for your research purpose. Take advice from people who have ordered 3-MMC in your area or country before and took their advice in your research work.


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