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ETH- LAD with Bitcoin Online.

ETH- LAD with Bitcoin Online.

Buying ETH- LAD with Bitcoin Online.

ETH-LAD is a component that subsists as a semi- synthetic alkaloid which belongs to the lysergamide family. The chemical can also be referred to as 6-ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide.


This chemical structure is birthed from lysergic acid which has an N- diethylamide working group that gets bonded to the RN contained in the chemical structure.

The polycyclic structure avers to be an in dole derivative which contains various tryptamine and phenethylamine groups contained within the structure. ETH- LAD has the presence of hexahydroindole which has been merged into a non- lysergic acid or quinolone group.

ETH-LAD does not have the presence of a methyl group which has been substituted at R6 through its nor- lysergic acid skeleton. This is why the compound is represented via the nor- prefix. As opposed to this, ETH- LAD has been substituted at the R6 level with a group belonging to the ethyl family. At the carbon 8 level of the quinolone, the N- diethyl carboxamide is bonded. ETH- LAO primarily exists in the form of a chiral compound which contains two major stereocentres at the R5 and R8 levels. The compound ETH- LAD contains a total and concise configuration of SR, 8R.

The Initial use of ETH- LAD has first been noted by Alexander Shulgin in 1997. The chemical component has been widely attributed for conducting a modified visual distortion that closely relates to that present in Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSO). In line of this, the chemical compound has been marketed together with psychedelic lysergamides such as AL- LAD. It has gained wide acclaim as a legal alternative to psychedelics.

The chemical compound has facilitated for the exploit in its use through various online research vendors who primarily deal with chemicals. A number of vendors offer up payment through Bitcoin upon request.

In experimental studies with animals, ETH- LAD has touted itself as a chemical which bears more potency when compared with the LSO compound.

Whereas the component enacts similar effects to that experienced with LSO in small doses, higher doses have been shown to portray more divergent effects. This is notably common when it comes to auditory distortions that have been merged with a more analytical and introspective head space.

ETH-LAD has been recorded to facilitate a ready production of adverse physical effects. This is inclusive but not limited to conditions such as persistent nausea and a poor regulation in body temperature. Body discomfort has also been widely reported among users. This factor has been attributed to the abnormally sensitive response to the dosage provided. Low doses of the drug offer milder and calmer effects as it ensures manageable conditions and no life threatening aspects.

The data surrounding ETH- LAD is limited when it comes to demystifying the chemical compound, the pharmacological aspects as well as the rate of metabolism in the system. Since the drug contains sensitive responses with the dose given, the sale of the substance has been significantly regulated.

The use of the chemical component has been limited to research and laboratory functions. It is imperative that the necessary safety steps are undertaken when handling the chemical. Individuals working in the lab should handle the chemical with the necessary safety gear and subscribe to standard safety procedures when handling it.


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